Comprehensive legal advice for individuals and companies


  • Commercial contracts

We are experts in drafting and negotiating all types of business contracts, providing a professional service to the parties involved, tailored to their legal status and position.

We study and interpret contracts, providing a legal review of their validity, scope and content.

  • Corporate Law

We have extensive experience in advising on corporate law and sit on a number of corporate boards of directors in the capacity either of secretary or external lawyers. The services most commonly requested by our clients are those of ​​constitution, expansion, reduction and liquidation, statutory reforms and corporate restructuring.

  • Corporate Governance

We offer companies specialist advice on the development of good governance programmes in addition to their adaptation and compliance with the codes of practice recommended for this area (compliance programmes/ regulatory compliance programmes). We participate in the drafting of regulations for shareholders’ meetings, boards of directors and board committees.

We advise on the negotiation and formalisation of shareholders’ agreements: agreements with the qualified majority; restrictions on the free transferability of shares; corporate governance, the composition and election of governing and management bodies; dividend policy; and deadlock resolution clauses.

  • Family businesses

We advise our clients on all aspects related to the structure of these business groups, on matters of organization and inheritance. Legal advice with regard to negotiating family protocols is particularly important in this field, along with additional contracts or specific business changes.

  • Transformations, mergers and acquisitions

We assist in the planning and execution of mergers and demergers, both internally, between companies in the same group, and between independent companies. With the application of our extensive knowledge and experience gained across a variety of industries and sectors, we are able to guarantee an appropriate understanding of the relevant legal implications for the companies involved that may affect their operations.

  • Venture capital business advice

As commercial experts, we provide advice to companies or business activities related to venture capital, an activity that involves the provision of capital in the medium and long term, although not as a permanent, unlimited arrangement, to companies that have difficulty accessing other sources of funding in order to increase the company value and, once the investment is settled, the capitalist withdraws with a benefit.

  • Due diligence and Compliance

We are strong advocates of the law’s use as a preventive tool and, as such, offer due diligence services and audited information systems for companies, assets or businesses in all areas of law and commercial practice in particular, as well as the design of regulatory compliance programmes to avoid corporate liability situations.

  • Insolvency Law

Insolvency law is the area of ​​law that regulates and aims to resolve any situation in which a debtor with a number of creditors is no longer able to meet their financial obligations. We are insolvency experts and work in different companies covering all the key aspects of insolvency, i.e.:

– Study of the business

– Preparation of feasibility studies

– Business restructuring

– Privately-handled company dissolution, without resorting to judicial means

– Judicial processing of insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy)

– Representation of creditors’ claims in judicial and non-judicial proceedings

– Acting as Trustee in Bankruptcy

– Advice on the acquisition or sale of business areas involved in pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings.


Within this area of law, our firm provides advice to companies and individuals to give a comprehensive specific and tailored response, both in judicial and non-judicial proceedings, in the following areas:

  • Family Law:

– Divorces and separations, both by mutual agreement and contentious

– Procedures for the modification of measures taken with regard to separation and divorce procedures

– Procedures for child guardianship, custody and support in cases of common-law partnerships

– Affiliation procedures

Competency procedures: Being a particularly sensitive area, the firm offers comprehensive advice to families who want to initiate competency proceedings towards a family member in court, both with regard to the legal aspect and the inherent consequences involved in such a situation.

Non-payment claims: We intervene in the management of different types of unpaid debts and non-payment claims.

General civil liability: Arising from traffic accidents, medical malpractice, construction defects, as well as that related to criminal offenses.

Urban and rural tenancy agreements: The most commonly requested services in this area include the drafting of tenancy agreements, as well as the settlement of any situations that may arise as a result of these agreements, both judicial and non-judicial.

Contract Law: We offer a comprehensive response to any contractual relationship which requires formalizing or is already formalized between individuals or between companies that includes the negotiation, drafting or termination of contracts (contracts of sale, agency, service provision and earnest money deposit agreements, among others).

Inheritance and Gift Law: Advice on the drafting of wills, as well as on inheritance procedure and its taxation, the legal division of inheritance assets, declaration of heirs, legitimacy claims and succession agreements.


Along with commercial law, labour and social security law represents an area which unites the majority of our experts. Labour and social security law regulates the relationship between companies and employees as well as that between the two groups and public bodies (National Social Security Institute, General Treasury of the Social Security, Public Employment Service, FOGASA, Labour Inspectorate, etc.). The firm’s professionals are specialists in negotiation and procedure in this arena, including, by way of example, the following:

– Labour force adjustment and individual and collective dismissal protocols

– Labour auditing

– Compensation for damages arising from accidents in the workplace

– Collective bargaining agreements and collective business agreements

– Aspects arising from labour risk prevention

– Contracting and subcontracting

– Pensions and public benefits

– Labour inspections

– Legal assistance in administrative conciliation procedures

– Judicial proceedings in any area of labour and social security law


  • Human Capital Services

As employment law experts, we provide direct business consulting services in relation to the different recruitment and employment contract processes, focusing on aspects such as:

– Staff recruitment

– Design of human resources policy: optimization

– Preparation and design of training plans

– Employment position studies and evaluation

– Acting as an external prevention service

– Auditing of in-house prevention services


As experts in sports and entertainment law, we have proven experience in providing consulting services, legal representation and defence of the interests of the various agents involved in the world of sport:

– Professional and amateur sportsmen and women

– Coaching staff and managers

– Sports agents and representatives

– Sporting entities such as sports clubs, associations and foundations

– Sports companies

– Regional, national and international sports federations

– Companies associated with the sports sector, investment funds

As specialists in sports law, our expertise also includes directly advising entities, companies and associations that organize sports competitions or events for which sport is the principle focus.

Our proven experience in high-level sport enables us to offer a complete and comprehensive service as sports law professionals:

Procedural advice: In proceedings before federal courts, ordinary courts and international arbitration tribunals CAS/TAS.

Commercial Advice: sports contracts with clubs, sports brands, the exploitation of image rights, the conversion of clubs into public limited sports companies, sponsorship advertising contracts.

Tax advice: Advice on the most effective and efficient tax structures according to legal status, exploitation of image rights, tax residence reviews, personal income tax statements, Non-Resident Income Tax (IRNR), assets, inspections and appeals.

Labour/property advice: termination of contracts, disciplinary procedures, investment contracts.

Advice to Public Administrations: In relation to sports management, sports concessions and facilities, public sports pricing and services under concession.

Advice on the protection of intellectual property rights: in the world of sport and personal branding protection.


We provide advice and legal services for resolving all kinds of conflicts involving public administration and in all types of procedures, the drafting of written pleadings, administrative appeals, and claims until all administrative channels are been exhausted. Once the administrative channels have been exhausted, we act as legal counsel for contentious-administrative proceedings in the various areas of administrative law and before all judicial courts.

Within this area, our firm has particular expertise in the field of expropriation procedures and public procurement. Our clients are able to benefit from our advice line for the review of competitive tender documents, overseeing the legality of the process right from the start and optimizing the options towards the subsequent awarding of the contract. Where applicable, we also provide advice regarding any eventual claim regarding the final result.


This area is relevant to both private sector clients and public sector authorities and entities, with the provision of consulting services in all matters related to the field of urban planning, in terms of planning, management and execution, as well as to obtaining both building permits and planning permissions.


The banking and finance law department possesses extensive knowledge and proven experience in claims brought against banks with regard to exercising the inherent rights of users and customers. To that end, we offer legal cover and representation in all relevant aspects and procedures, whether in consumer banking, factoring, leasing, renting and confirming operations, credit cards, mortgages or international finance.


  • European and Competition Law

Within a context of maximum globalization, where state powers fall under the umbrella of European level state law, the submission of all citizens to a new, more global legal framework common to all states calls for a new legal professional that focuses on providing legal counsel and advice regarding compliance with international regulations, particularly those that are European. Within the wide range of international level services offered by this department of the firm, we have considerable expertise in the area known as Competition Law (Antitrust Law), the legal branch that regulates the exercise of a free trade that favours the competitiveness of market agents. In this regard, we work with companies to ensure the right to freely exercise an economic activity in the EU while ensuring compliance with international agreements. The advice of the department in this area involves legal ​​remedies to prevent anti-competitive practices, such as:

– Monopolistic practices

– Collusive market practices

– Abuse of dominance

– Concentration between undertakings

  • International relations

Within the context of full intent, our professionals in the area of international law are experts in advising on and solving legal conflicts that involve different worldwide relationships or legal systems. This reality defines a law firm’s strength in terms of the management and resolution of cases in private sector law regarding external legal trade, which includes:

– Aspects related to marriages between couples of different nationalities

– Inheritance and legacy issues involving parties with different nations of residence

– International contracts

– Anti-Dumping Practices (against trade protectionism)

– Individual relocation and business situations abroad

  • National and International Arbitration

International arbitration has emerged as an excellent means to resolve conflicts and the firm’s international law department embraces this reality to provide contemporary and international level solutions with regard to disputes between parties, without ignoring the procedural merits: expertise, discretion, efficiency, speed, universality, economics and with the same executive weight.

With experience in different international arbitration chambers, our experts in advising and bringing proceedings before ad hoc tribunals in accordance with the national legislation of the relevant state, without forgetting the services preceding and following any potential arbitration award.


Internationalism has forced business owners and creators to protect their products more thoroughly, forming the basis of what has become intellectual and industrial property law, developed as a legal tool enabling creative individuals/business people to distinguish their own companies and products with respect to other competitors on the market (through trademarks, distinctive signs and domain names), and also to protect the assets they create and develop, whether inventions with an industrial application (patents) or creative works of an intellectual nature (intellectual property).

This concept, which forms part of the legal system that regulates the market, developed in the Anglo-Saxon world and known as intellectual property, is another of the areas the firm’s professionals, motivated to further expand the service they are able to offer their clients, have been keen to address, training to become experts in both industrial property (trademarks and patents) and intellectual property (copyright and related rights).


This department is involved with the study of all types of serious and minor offenses, acting in all types of criminal court proceedings, both as defence and prosecution, with particular expertise in Economic Criminal Law in areas such as:

Property, fraud and corporate crime, tax office or social security offenses, intellectual property and labour rights violations, punishable insolvency, etc. This area of specialisation includes the ability to act at all judicial levels.


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